Lisbon – part 1

Colourful, Homely, Cheap, History, Art, Hills, Bridge, Friendly, Memorable, Hostel and Fun. A list of adjectives and nouns that comes to mind whenever I think of Lisbon. Fun facts : My home town Sierra Leone was discovered by a Portuguese explorer – Pedro de Sintra in 1462. Hence, one could say it was inevitable to pay a visit to Portugal.

A four days trip where we stayed in a hostel – ‘Home Lisbon Hoste‘. By far the best homely hostel I could think of. Very homely and clean. It comes with a bar, professional working areas for remote workers/travellers, huge living space to Netflix and chill and interact with other travellers and a dinning area that brings together everyone – sharing stories of travels.

My Highlight was walking down the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, I came upon the 25 de Abril Bridge. A suspension bridge that at first glance looked like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. It was designed by the same team, with a span of over 1000m. It connects the city of Lisbon and Almada. At first, I saw cars driving down it. Then, as I got closer, I saw trains. I was shocked to find out it was a double-decker suspension bridge. Convinced that it must be a tourist attraction, I sought some kind of museum.

We found it in one of the supporting piers of the bridge. In it, I discovered showrooms detailing the bridges history as well as how it was built. The significant highlight was the lift that takes you all the way up to the same level as the cars on the bridge. Walking out of the lift you would be exposed to a glass floor balcony. Looking down the glass floor is a scary and exciting view of about 50 to 70m below – quite a view to behold.

Places visited : São Jorge Castle, Belém(briefly), 25 de Abril Bridge ALCÂNTARA Lisbon , PRAIA DA CONCEIÇÃO Beach, Cascais, PRAÇA DO COMÉRCIO,


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