Hello, I’m Mo!

A Civil Engineer by profession, based in England. Work-life balance is ideally important. Hence, in my free time I explore the world by taking you for a walk with me on national & international travels along with my ethnic journey as a Civil Engineer.

  • Florence – Italy


    Two things that comes to mind when someone mentions the city of Florence : Leonardo Da vinci & The Medici family. Well for me anyway. That’s probably because I watched the TV series _ ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ for like 3 times, obsessively.

    A show that digs into the history of its people, rulers and at the time known as the city of centre Renaissance. Thus prior to visiting Firenze you’d say I somewhat fairly knew of its history.

    If you are looking to party-hard I kindly suggest you look for somewhere else because this is a city rich in medieval architecture, art & poetry. Sadly, as a solo traveller I was only there for 2 days.

    I stayed at a hostel called ‘Plus Florence’ (see on map below) which I’d highly recommend for solo & group travellers. Located pretty much bang on at the centre of Florence and its attractions. Reasonably cheap ( £65 for 2 nights), along with a splendid rooftop view, swimming pool and more.

    Worth the money! A confined city that you could walk to any designated attraction with ease.

    I think the main attraction drawn to most travellers is the Duomo – Santa Maria del Fiore. A Landmark Engineered with an unmissable red dome structure that can be seen from wherever you are in Firenze.

    I also loved the ‘Ponte vecchio’ arched river bridge with shops literally sitting on top of it structure. There are definitely more attractions to visit such as the likes of Leonardo interactive museum, Pitti palace, Uffizi gallery, David of Michelangelo and more.

    I briefly met some amazing people/travellers like myself from various continental destinations and you’d be amazed how much you have in common and how aligned your travelling plans are with theirs. It was indeed a great ‘walking’ experience!

    ‘Ponte vecchio‘ 2021

  • Graduate Development Session – Skern Lodge

    As part of our Graduate development scheme, we get to explore and be exposed to the benefits of continuing & on-going learning cycle. A cycle that introduces us into the logistics, tools, direction and skills of the industry as well as getting soaked into the company values & vision. Most importantly, the interaction between different types of people all working towards a common goal.

    This week’s session was bombarded with loads of fun, brainstorming, physical & mental activities. The main ethos of this was to explore teamwork, communication & leadership skills in order to establish our various strengths and weaknesses and what actions to implement to enhance these traits. Keep in mind some of these activities takes you completely outside your comfort zone – but that’s the whole point, right? You don’t learn or develop if you’re not willing to give it a try.

    “What behaviours/skills do you want to learn or develop this week and ‘What concerns, or obstacles might you have regarding this course?” – was asked the moment we arrived. I remember writing down – ‘I want to explore my strengths and weakness by keeping an open mind’.

    To name a few: abseiling, tunnelling, Archery, bridge jump, powerboat, rock-climbing, brain teasers, classroom exercises, team projects. Some of these tasks requires leadership where we were all given an opportunity to lead a task.

    At the end of each task, the person who led the task receives feedback from the entire team as to what they thought you excelled on and what you could work on, vice versa. This could simply be talking through the safety elements, delegating tasks, communicating, engaging & inspiring the team. The outcome of each task doesn’t need to be successful as it aims to point out more of your attitude, skills and behaviour.

    My highlight of the week was jumping off the bridge & the leap of fate (Heights). I can’t swim but thanks to my buoyancy-suit I was able to paddle through my fear of water – I didn’t know the Atlantic Ocean was that salty! Another interesting one was orienteering! where I get to team up with our ‘Director‘ to solve a murder case by running around the town looking for clues – he definitely outran me; but I chose to keep that fact to myself: made me realise age is nothing but a digit. We smashed it in 30mins which was record breaking!!

    At the end of the week, we all took with us something invaluable. A shared experience of our highs and lows and how to embrace them. We also took with us action plans regarding things we need to continue to improve by regularly implementing and reflecting on them.

  • Prince Of Wales – Freetown

    Founded in 1925 by his Royal Highness – Boys school which I was fortunate to spend 5 years of both my junior and senior education. A school of tradition, culture, sports, drama, science, art, music, religious equality etc. However, nothing beats the long-term friendship bond harvested in this school.

    Friendship harvested through various means such as getting in trouble, being a class clown, sports, drama or simply just being smart in your class. Drama it was for me.

    Yes indeed! I was a young promising stage actor in those days. We competed in National Drama competitions and Won many titles to a point where every school (Boys & Girl) trembled when we approach the stage/s.

    My return seven years later urged me to re-kindle this bond. Some of us kept in contact over these years others I haven’t heard from. Since we were boys/men the easiest of ways to link-up was football – as it was our favourite sport.

    I organised this prior to my arrival, reached out to those whose contact I have, whom in return then reached out to the others. The word was out in no time to a point where I found it difficult to select the teams and sort out refreshments. Obviously, the place of this link-up was no other than our school football pitch.

    Faces I haven’t seen in years showed up, faces that haven’t seen other faces in years also showed up. It was like being in the school all over again. The game was competitive, filled with laughter plus weather was very hot.

    After the game, we had refreshments, laughed a lot while we reminisce on the old days and went our separate ways – hoping maybe we would cross paths again. The score was a draw of 2-2 and yes I scored. In such games you can’t have winners so we agreed to keep it as a draw.

  • Degree Apprenticeship

    2017 in the carpentry workshop – MK college

    A 2017 throwback of me working on an individual project during my last year at college, before going to university. I spent 4 years in college (Level 1-4). When I moved to the UK at age 17 my academic background didn’t translate to that of UK’s.

    Hence, I had to settle down for a course at college (in my case Engineering) and worked my way up, to stack up enough points to go to Uni. Keep in mind the UK age demographic for graduates is between ages 21-22 (Degree & Masters). I went to uni at age 21.

    As productive I may have appeared on the image above, at the time I was clueless at to what specific type of Engineering I should apply for before going to uni.

    I contemplated many times on alternative paths – one of which was an ‘Apprenticeship‘. The opportunity to earn invaluable experience whilst employed, earn money, debt free, a degree and most likely a secured job offer at the end of your apprenticeship.

    All within 4-5 yrs. Yes I know you’d probably say what about the university experience? (party, fun, escaping from your parents hassles, making friends etc).

    I won’t and I’m not trying to sell you anything, because only you get to choose which path you want to go down or what works best for you. It’s totally okay not to know what route you want to take after leaving school/college.

    Most people take a gap year/s to find answers whilst others shoot straight to uni hoping to find answers – some do others don’t.

    I currently work for a Civil Engineering Contractor – Dyer & Butler with offices all over UK, within the transportation sector including Rail & Aviation projects.

    My self included and fellow colleagues, along with the help of others have designed the company’s first degree apprenticeship scheme to offer school leavers/equivalent a unique structured development programme recognising your uniqueness and supports you professionally and academically .

    All you have to do is put yourself forward and apply. Did I regret going to uni? No, I enjoyed most part of it apart from the debt I’ll be paying for the next 30years.

    Should I have gone down the path of apprenticeship? If I knew what I know now, possibly. But it’s your call! Academia is marathon not a sprint. To find out more see links below!

  • Pineda De Mar

    When I arrived I was dumbfounded by how quiet and maze-like the town was! You could walk down a neighbourhood as if no one lives there. To me it struck me with a sense of freedom, fresh air and vacancy.

    Ironically, this maze-like town is full of neighbours who know each other very well, drawing a sense of close community and safety. We went on walks along the endless seafront, scooter riding and hit a few tourists shops.

    We also took trains to visit the nearby towns as mentioned above – all within a 5-8mins train ride for free – yes for free! I guess when you in Spain you do as the Spaniards do! It was a shaky yet fun experience.

    Not to say I had free lunches everyday as my friend worked in a restaurant at the time and he’d bring food with him everyday exactly at 14:00 where we’d sit, eat, laugh, reminisce and enjoy the view.

    He also introduced me to his other mates whom by the way were welcoming and we connected straight away on mutual levels of familiarities. We also hung out a few times and visited some chill spots and tourist locations. On day 3 we part ways and I headed back to Barcelona to commence on the rest of my travelling.

    Pineda De Mar would definitely be one of my favourite lowkey destination and I would absolutely recommend this Maze-like Gambian town.

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    Newhaven Fort

    A brief walk to the cliff-view top of Newhaven fort, South coast of England with stunning naturistic views. The fort was built back in the 1800’s as a naval defence territory which stood it grounds & served it purpose during both WW1 & WW11. To date it been preserved as a historical landmark housing exhibitions of network of tunnels, ramparts and more.

    I went on few walks on the never-ending cliff, during two seasons namely, summer & spring. However, I must say I didn’t visit the exhibitions as I was busy strolling on the cliffs absorbing and jaw-dropping on the views around me.

    Below the cliff is a sandy beach full of relaxation stretching along miles of land. At the top was me doing steps of miles and still feeling like I was been followed by the views below and around.

    Maybe next time I will pop by the historical exhibitions. A place of hiking, walks, picnic, sun tan, swimming and history. A place to escape.