Rome: part 1

This time last year I sold my car and went on a solo travel in Europe. I had just been offered a job which was to start in September, so I had little time to plan this trip. Three weeks in 3 countries was the plan – including different cities/towns within these countries.

Amongst many other cities/towns I visited, Rome stood out for me. Too bad I was only there for two days before my next stop – Paris. This was a new experience, hence I planned exactly how many days I’d be spending in these cities as my flights were booked ahead thus, it wasn’t wise to miss them.

I stayed in hostels and I was flexible booking them as I go paying £20-25 a night which I thought was a bargain for very decent hostels. Did I mention these hostels also have private rooms not just shared dormitory rooms? female, male, mixed & private.

I hopped on a train from Florence and headed for Rome. Prior to that I met some travellers in Florence (where I also spent 2-3 days). Funny enough they were also heading to Rome the same day as me and staying at the same hostel – ‘YELLOWSAQUARE Rome‘ via

Other than exploring the obvious tourist attractions such as the COLOSSEUM, TREVI FOUNTAIN, ROMAN FORUM etc I explored various cultural settings, randomly. I remember bumping into an American & a French traveller at a bar – Yellow bar just outside my hostel the same day I arrived that afternoon.

Inside the Colosseum

We hit it off straight away and by the time you know we were on a bus to nowhere. That nowhere turned out to be a nice cultural food district destination (I wished I had jotted down the name). We ordered Italian homely food and drinks. Then headed off to TRASTEVERE – another amazing bar district designed like a maze with many bars within its perimeter – Highly recommend.

My main highlight was the YELLOW BAR opposite the hostel on the same street. This bar is famously known by residents and travelers in Rome. You get free discounts on drinks if you stay at the hostel (yellow wrist band) and peak times are between 8pm – 2am.

Yellow bar

Day 2 – After exploring during the day I chose to end my night at Yellow bar. I met a lot of travellers from all around the world and the frequency of energy and vibe was pure and organic. I must say I was slightly gutted that I was leaving the next morning. I said to myself I’d be re-visiting this place again.

Inside the yellow bar
Inside the yellow bar

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