Graduate Development Session – Skern Lodge

As part of our Graduate development scheme, we get to explore and be exposed to the benefits of continuing & on-going learning cycle. A cycle that introduces us into the logistics, tools, direction and skills of the industry as well as getting soaked into the company values & vision. Most importantly, the interaction between different types of people all working towards a common goal.

This week’s session was bombarded with loads of fun, brainstorming, physical & mental activities. The main ethos of this was to explore teamwork, communication & leadership skills in order to establish our various strengths and weaknesses and what actions to implement to enhance these traits. Keep in mind some of these activities takes you completely outside your comfort zone – but that’s the whole point, right? You don’t learn or develop if you’re not willing to give it a try.

“What behaviours/skills do you want to learn or develop this week and ‘What concerns, or obstacles might you have regarding this course?” – was asked the moment we arrived. I remember writing down – ‘I want to explore my strengths and weakness by keeping an open mind’.

To name a few: abseiling, tunnelling, Archery, bridge jump, powerboat, rock-climbing, brain teasers, classroom exercises, team projects. Some of these tasks requires leadership where we were all given an opportunity to lead a task.

At the end of each task, the person who led the task receives feedback from the entire team as to what they thought you excelled on and what you could work on, vice versa. This could simply be talking through the safety elements, delegating tasks, communicating, engaging & inspiring the team. The outcome of each task doesn’t need to be successful as it aims to point out more of your attitude, skills and behaviour.

My highlight of the week was jumping off the bridge & the leap of fate (Heights). I can’t swim but thanks to my buoyancy-suit I was able to paddle through my fear of water – I didn’t know the Atlantic Ocean was that salty! Another interesting one was orienteering! where I get to team up with our ‘Director‘ to solve a murder case by running around the town looking for clues – he definitely outran me; but I chose to keep that fact to myself: made me realise age is nothing but a digit. We smashed it in 30mins which was record breaking!!

At the end of the week, we all took with us something invaluable. A shared experience of our highs and lows and how to embrace them. We also took with us action plans regarding things we need to continue to improve by regularly implementing and reflecting on them.

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