Prince Of Wales – Freetown

Founded in 1925 by his Royal Highness – Boys school which I was fortunate to spend 5 years of both my junior and senior education. A school of tradition, culture, sports, drama, science, art, music, religious equality etc. However, nothing beats the long-term friendship bond harvested in this school.

Friendship harvested through various means such as getting in trouble, being a class clown, sports, drama or simply just being smart in your class. Drama it was for me.

Yes indeed! I was a young promising stage actor in those days. We competed in National Drama competitions and Won many titles to a point where every school (Boys & Girl) trembled when we approach the stage/s.

My return seven years later urged me to re-kindle this bond. Some of us kept in contact over these years others I haven’t heard from. Since we were boys/men the easiest of ways to link-up was football – as it was our favourite sport.

I organised this prior to my arrival, reached out to those whose contact I have, whom in return then reached out to the others. The word was out in no time to a point where I found it difficult to select the teams and sort out refreshments. Obviously, the place of this link-up was no other than our school football pitch.

Faces I haven’t seen in years showed up, faces that haven’t seen other faces in years also showed up. It was like being in the school all over again. The game was competitive, filled with laughter plus weather was very hot.

After the game, we had refreshments, laughed a lot while we reminisce on the old days and went our separate ways – hoping maybe we would cross paths again. The score was a draw of 2-2 and yes I scored. In such games you can’t have winners so we agreed to keep it as a draw.

4 responses to “Prince Of Wales – Freetown”

  1. Nice work done bro…keep it up man.


    1. Thanks my bro! We’d soon link up again


      1. By the grace of God.


  2. All love brother 😎


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