Degree Apprenticeship

2017 in the carpentry workshop – MK college

A 2017 throwback of me working on an individual project during my last year at college, before going to university. I spent 4 years in college (Level 1-4). When I moved to the UK at age 17 my academic background didn’t translate to that of UK’s.

Hence, I had to settle down for a course at college (in my case Engineering) and worked my way up, to stack up enough points to go to Uni. Keep in mind the UK age demographic for graduates is between ages 21-22 (Degree & Masters). I went to uni at age 21.

As productive I may have appeared on the image above, at the time I was clueless at to what specific type of Engineering I should apply for before going to uni.

I contemplated many times on alternative paths – one of which was an ‘Apprenticeship‘. The opportunity to earn invaluable experience whilst employed, earn money, debt free, a degree and most likely a secured job offer at the end of your apprenticeship.

All within 4-5 yrs. Yes I know you’d probably say what about the university experience? (party, fun, escaping from your parents hassles, making friends etc).

I won’t and I’m not trying to sell you anything, because only you get to choose which path you want to go down or what works best for you. It’s totally okay not to know what route you want to take after leaving school/college.

Most people take a gap year/s to find answers whilst others shoot straight to uni hoping to find answers – some do others don’t.

I currently work for a Civil Engineering Contractor – Dyer & Butler with offices all over UK, within the transportation sector including Rail & Aviation projects.

My self included and fellow colleagues, along with the help of others have designed the company’s first degree apprenticeship scheme to offer school leavers/equivalent a unique structured development programme recognising your uniqueness and supports you professionally and academically .

All you have to do is put yourself forward and apply. Did I regret going to uni? No, I enjoyed most part of it apart from the debt I’ll be paying for the next 30years.

Should I have gone down the path of apprenticeship? If I knew what I know now, possibly. But it’s your call! Academia is marathon not a sprint. To find out more see links below!

4 responses to “Degree Apprenticeship”

  1. Felix Sawyerr Sesay Avatar
    Felix Sawyerr Sesay

    You are a legend
    Have knew you to be that hardworking and determine brother.
    Am proud of you keep it up brother.
    Can someone from another country have this degree you are talking of?
    And how


    1. Thanks bro! I do my best to! I’m afraid it’s currently for people in the UK. However I’m glad you mentioned it, I’ll put that across to see if we could create a platform for people in different countries.


  2. You go big bro!


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