Pineda De Mar

When I arrived I was dumbfounded by how quiet and maze-like the town was! You could walk down a neighbourhood as if no one lives there. To me it struck me with a sense of freedom, fresh air and vacancy.

Ironically, this maze-like town is full of neighbours who know each other very well, drawing a sense of close community and safety. We went on walks along the endless seafront, scooter riding and hit a few tourists shops.

We also took trains to visit the nearby towns as mentioned above – all within a 5-8mins train ride for free – yes for free! I guess when you in Spain you do as the Spaniards do! It was a shaky yet fun experience.

Not to say I had free lunches everyday as my friend worked in a restaurant at the time and he’d bring food with him everyday exactly at 14:00 where we’d sit, eat, laugh, reminisce and enjoy the view.

He also introduced me to his other mates whom by the way were welcoming and we connected straight away on mutual levels of familiarities. We also hung out a few times and visited some chill spots and tourist locations. On day 3 we part ways and I headed back to Barcelona to commence on the rest of my travelling.

Pineda De Mar would definitely be one of my favourite lowkey destination and I would absolutely recommend this Maze-like Gambian town.

2 responses to “Pineda De Mar”

  1. big moo wagwaan
    it was nice being with u here bro
    come back soon inshallah


    1. Man like Jallow!!!! Likewise bro I’ll soon re-revisit again bro. So we can gang around! InshaAllah


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