Newhaven Fort

A brief walk to the cliff-view top of Newhaven fort, South coast of England with stunning naturistic views. The fort was built back in the 1800’s as a naval defence territory which stood it grounds & served it purpose during both WW1 & WW11. To date it been preserved as a historical landmark housing exhibitions of network of tunnels, ramparts and more.

I went on few walks on the never-ending cliff, during two seasons namely, summer & spring. However, I must say I didn’t visit the exhibitions as I was busy strolling on the cliffs absorbing and jaw-dropping on the views around me.

Below the cliff is a sandy beach full of relaxation stretching along miles of land. At the top was me doing steps of miles and still feeling like I was been followed by the views below and around.

Maybe next time I will pop by the historical exhibitions. A place of hiking, walks, picnic, sun tan, swimming and history. A place to escape.

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