The Island City of England

There are many Islands in England and arguably attractive and historic in there own ways. But an Island city, now that’s rare to come by in England. They call it the port city because it harbours (used to) a significant Naval port. To many of us it goes by the name – Portsmouth (south of England).

My walk to Portsmouth was brief yet captivating. A vibrant city with many collective attractions centred at Gunwharf quays. Now I must say if you love to shop this might be your fortress of solitude. Gunwharf quays is known for its leading designer outlet in the south with countless designer brands, restaurants, bars , the Spinnaker Tower followed by a pleasant sea view.

Like I said it was a brief walk, too bad I couldn’t go for a spin on the spinnaker tower just so I could have a bit of the adrenaline rush through my head at the 170m tall landmark. Due to strict COVID restrictions it was out of bounds to tourists. It’s now open to all so I may finally get to be at the top of Portsmouth, soon.

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