A Walk To Gloucester & Cirencester

South west of England is a county called Gloucestershire. A county that houses other towns within it circumference known for it medieval history and Forest of dean (which we would get into on ‘Nature’ another time) . Two of which I visited were Gloucester and Cirencester. Lets start with Gloucester.

At first I didn’t know what to expect when I got there: unusual, quiet, different, low-key, easy-going, history. These were the words that came to mind. Until I stretched my legs out of the Airbnb apartment I was staying, walked down the road and was hit with the view of ‘Gloucester docks’. There was so much information to absorb all at once. Out burst with leisurely sights of eateries, shopping outlet, canal and restored Victorian warehouses.

Lingering around these beautiful scenery gave me a fundamental insight to its people and history. History dating all the way back to Roman times. Anyway, I didn’t just want to be trapped into these collective attractions as I thought there has to be more. Yes, MORE. About 10-15 minute from the docks is the city’s shopping centre and Cathedral.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter then you should probably visit this gothic historical cathedral. I went back to the shopping outlet to have a browse – which was one of a kind by the way! before stopping by a Caribbean restaurant to fill up me belly. The food was indeed banging!

Now, Cirencester isn’t that much different from that of Gloucester. A small town lively, cultural and relaxing. It also has its own history and uniqueness. Old gothic and Victorian vibe, strict in sticking to its oldness; that of which makes it invaluable and unique.

A thing I love about Cirencester. You could easily grab a meal or cup of coffee, sit outside and enjoy a pleasant view down the lane/s. Oh yeah, I did take a walk into an enclosed food and shopping muse called ‘The Corn Hall’. Again, very different in so many ways. In there you’d find art, books, jewellery, clothing, food and more. Definitely a place to stop by.


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