Telscombe cliffs – Peacehaven

South of England, east Sussex along the A259 and 6 miles from Brighton. I must say this walk was one of my favourite walks (if not my favourite). An atmosphere full of vibrancy splattered on a platter of richness. Rich in colours. Rich in oxygen . Rich in health. Rich in wealth.

A place to interact with nature and its people. As I strolled up and down the pavement of such magnificent view I saw people on bicycles, walks, jogs , cars and some really fine houses. Believe it or not you would beg for the traffic lights to stay on red forever, just so you could have a glance of its wonderful views.

I remember my first time driving by, it was so short-lived because I was trying to capture and absorb all its beauty, left to right. I guess the traffic lights weren’t so kind to me that day.

Anyway, I purposely planned my next visit. However, I knew it would be a very long walk so I decided to drive and park at a spot where I could capture a lot of its essence. Oh right.. did I forget to mention it has a beach? sorry we will get to that part later.

I was more attracted to the chalk cliffs and greenery look and how you could literally sit at the top of it and be faced with a peaceful & mind-blowing view from the sea. I also wanted to capture the movements of the subjects, which are its people that brings this amazing naturistic view to life.

As promised, the beach! I walked down the cliffs after interacting with those at the top. To be amazed with another relaxing view of people enjoying the water, sun and calm breeze. I know you’d prefer a sandy beach but have you thought of trying pebbles? or some would say stone beaches.

This pebble beach was not as big as your average beach but it was welcoming and comfortable. If you ever get to visit, be sure not to be a victim of the traffic lights.

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