Lungi to Freetown!

Distinguished by the North Atlantic ocean lies Lungi and Freetown. Yes Free-town! The Motherland, the land of the free and the capital to Sierra Leone. Some may know it by the country of ‘Blood Diamonds’, others as ‘Mama Salone’. My first visit in 8 years was indeed a memorable one. But first, to get to Freetown you have to stop by Lungi. A small town in the Northern Province roughly under 20,000 population.

It houses the only Airport and Ferry terminal in the country, hence why you have no choice but to stop by. To get to Freetown from Lungi you could either drive (just over an hour) or hop on the ferry (40mins). Interestingly, I had very limited childhood memories about any of this, as Lungi is the kind of town you visit if you’re flying in/out of the country.

Cyclically, thousands of people from this town take the ferry to the capital every morning for business purposes, visiting and hustling. Thus, this was somewhat new experience for the likes of me.

Right..where were we again? – Lungi to Freetown. Prior to getting the ferry to Freetown we stayed for the night at some relatives, where I was able reconnect, relax and refuel before heading to Freetown the next morning where my friends & extended families awaits. Well I took them by surprise as I didn’t inform anyone I was coming.

The next morning we headed to the ferry terminal and I was able to capture a few vital moments (not the best of pictures, as I was busy overwhelmed by its fast-pace scenery) of its people during the morning rush hour of daily hustlers fleeing to Freetown. Just incase you haven’t noticed, you could also travel via a speed boat but being on the ferry with all these people is fun and fascinating. Off we go to Freetown!

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